An excellent second to be prepared preferably in summer, to easily find the necessary ingredients. The sauce will delight even the most difficult palates, to compel them to make the classic, even if not very refined, “shoe”.
The sauce, as well as tasty, is inevitably abundant and you will not want to waste it. Excellent for seasoning pasta.

1 kg Fresh tuna
100 gr caciocavallo cheese
5 Garlic q.b.
Mint leaves 100 gr
Tomato concentrate 1 liter Tomato sauce q.b.
Salt to taste.
Black pepper q.b.
White wine q.b.
Extra virgin olive oil


Prepare fresh and washed mint leaves; salt and pepper mixed (if you prefer you can do without pepper, the horse cheese cut into small pieces, garlic clean and without the soul cut into small pieces.

Make small cuts in the slice of fresh tuna with the tip of a knife and insert in each cut a leaf of mint with a piece of garlic, a piece of horse cheese and salt and pepper (the leaf use it as a small container). This procedure is necessary to be performed on all sides of the tuna.

In a large pan lightly fry 1 or 2 cloves of garlic with EVO oil. Fry the touch of tuna on all sides. Put some dry white wine and let it evaporate. At this point remove the tuna and set aside.

Put the tomato paste in a pan (better if prepared at home) and melt with a little water on a low flame. Once melted, add the sauce ready (even in this case it is preferable that it is prepared at home). To simmer a little the sauce and put back the touch of tuna. Cook the tuna for a while over a low heat, turning the fish often.

Add more fresh mint and season with salt sauce and to taste pepper or chilli pepper. Allow the fish to cook for about 20/30 minutes. Your plate is ready.


It is a recipe that can be prepared even before and tasted both cold at room temperature and heated.

Do not overcook the tuna to avoid losing its softness.

The sauce is excellent for seasoning pasta, preferably macaroni. Spaghetti or short pasta are also good.